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RL Johnson Engineering was set up in July 2008 to provide continued support for the GE Machinery Centralized Control Systems (MCCS) on the eight (8) NASSCO built Watson Class LMSRs, upon the retirement of Dick Johnson from General Electric Co.

Mr. Johnson was the GE Program Manager for the design, installation, startup and post delivery service for the GE MCCS Systems installed on the Watson class LMSRs from the beginning of the initial design contract in January 1995 through his retirement from GE July 1 2008, achieving a “Clean Sweep” of all government Acceptance Trials Items for all 8 ships. The subject MCCS is made up of the Alarm Monitoring & Control System (AMCS) and the Propulsion Control System (PCS).

Mr. Johnson retired from GE July 1, 2008, after 37 years in various management and leadership roles, including; the Automation System Program Manager for the 8-ship LMSR NASSCO Sealift New Construction program and 3-ship LMSR NASSCO Sealift Conversion ship Program. He was also Project Manager for numerous other design and construction projects, including the design, construction and start-up of an enhanced Feedwater Control System for the Washington Public Power Nuclear Plant in eastern Washington, various industrial and Utility Substations, plus many other Marine and Industrial Automation Systems. Mr. Johnson has conducted many GE LM2500 Gas Turbine Control System operation and maintenance Training Classes, starting with the original DD963 Spruance Class Destroyers and then including the eight (8) NASSCO built LMSR Sealift Ships.

Mr. Johnson is a registered Control Systems Professional Engineer in California, License # CS-000103. He also holds both a California General Building Contractor License and Electrical Contractor License, # 00573806, which he has held since 1989. From October 2001, up until he retired from GE, Mr, Johnson was the Responsible Managing Employee (RME) for all electrical construction work performed by GE in California under GE’s Electrical Contractors License.

Having been the MCCS system Program Manager from the initial design, through post delivery support, Mr. Johnson brings a unique set of skills to the support of the MCCS systems on-board the subject vessels. Mr..Johnson is uniquely qualified to provide Calibration, Troubleshooting and Upgrade Support. His recommendations in regards to system enhancements that are needed from time to time, because of obsolete components or subsystems are invaluable. Throughout the life of the Watson Class LMSR program, Mr. Johnson has continually provided timely free email and phone support to the engineering staff on-board each of the 8 Watson Class ships.

Mr.Johnson is uniquely qualified to provide the following GE MCCS System Project Management and Engineering Support:
(1) Consulting Services related to enhancements and/or system upgrades
(2) Replacement parts support, including evaluation of existing spares and recommendations for

     ABS approved functional replacements.
(3) Email and Phone Assistance, in support of ship’s crew system troubleshooting.

(4) On-board System Calibration and Troubleshooting Support.
(5) System Software Enhancements.
(6) Sea Trails Support for matching full power engine performance.
(7) Propulsion System Calibration Services, during scheduled shipyard periods.
(8) Project Management Services.
(9) Gas Turbine Control System Training.

For Project Management, Engineering Support and/or Training, please feel free to contact Mr. Johnson, at any time. Time and Material (T&M) and/or Firm Price quotations are available upon request.

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